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October 23, 2008

Sungei Api Api Park Mangroves

Photo: Sungei Api Api Park Mangrove view

Sungei Api Api Park Mangroves

Sungei Api Api Park consists of narrow strips of land on either side of Api Api river in Pasir Ris. Together with a park connector, it stretches from Pasir Ris Drive 1 to Elias Road.

Besides the usual neighbourhood park facilities like playgrounds, fitness stations, park benches and walking paths, Sungei Api Api has a quiet stretch of mangroves along the river. This small patch of mangrove swamp is home to creatures like mudskipper and small longkang fishes. Compared to the mangrove swamp near Downtown East in Pasir Ris Park, the Sungei Api Api mangrove swamp can be considered a baby in terms of size.

An observation deck sits near Block 506 and Block 507 allowing visitors to enjoy the unique ambience of mangroves and multi-storey-high flats. As an example, as you listen to the light banter of birds and cicadas, do not be surprised to hear the chorus of beeps from a HDB lift.

Like many man-made structures in Singapore, Sungei Api Api has also undergone reconstruction. During low tide, you can see the concrete flooring of the riverbanks. Many pedestrian and vehicular bridges criss cross Sungei Api Api. The guardrails, the lamp posts and the cycling tracks allow safe and mud-free approach to witness a slice of nature on Sungei Api Api.

Of all the mangrove swamps in Singapore (such as Pasir Ris Park, Admiralty Park), the Sungei Api Api mangroves can lay claim to being sited closest to residential flats.

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