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October 08, 2008

Protected Places In Singapore: Pedra Branca and Others

Protected Places In Singapore: Pedra Branca And Others

Pedra Branca is an island to the east of Singapore that is declared as one of the protected places in Singapore. In one of my earlier posts, I had expressed a lunatic desire to visit Pedra Branca.

Today I just learnt that trespassers of protected areas and protected places in Singapore are liable to be fined or jailed if caught without a valid permit or permission. If you are interested in the finer details, you can read up on the Protected Areas and Protected Places Act here. I guess I'll have to wait for the official Pedra Branca open house ......

Pedra Branca is not the only protected place in Singapore. There are many such protected places in Singapore. In my travels around Singapore for my Seen This Scene That hobby, I have seen several protected places with a big red warning sign of a person pointing a weapon at another; but at that time, the need to snap a photograph was not apparent.

Currently I have only two photographs of such protected places in Singapore. Do you recognise where these protected places are?

Protected Place Number 1 (below):

Protected Place Number 2 (below):

If you have more pictures of such protected places, why not put them up on your blog and leave a message in the comments below so that I can take a look?

Do you know of any other protected areas and protected places in Singapore?

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Muhd Imran said...

It would be interesting... not sure within legal act to also get Google Earth satellite photos to complement the terrestrial ones.

One such large red warning sign is at Seletar East Camp entrance... now defunct.

I have one photo in my blog several posts ago when we went for Nature Walks before the "Kampong" feel of the place gets demolished for aerospace hub.

Admin said...

Hi Muhd Imran, thanks for sharing. Looked like you had a great time over there!

Muhd Imran said...

Yes, a wonderful and quite nostalgic time just like living in a kampung where life is laid-back and serene.

The guide was great too. The nature walk was nice, identifying all the different types of local trees and its uses mostly in the olden days.

Anonymous said...

Hi, got to know about this wonderful blog from Yahoo. Never was I into blog reading but as I browsed through yours, I carefully browsed and read. Very inspiring and I love how you make enjoyment out of everything. Thanks for sharing and you'll be happy.

Admin said...

Hi Lin, welcome to Seen This Scene That. Thanks for your encouraging words. You stay happy too!

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