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October 07, 2008

Garden Places To Play With Sand

Garden Places To Play With Sand

Blackfield (2008) is an art installation that reminds me of garden places to play with sand. Inside City Hall during the Singapore Biennale, you can see ten thousand plants made of metal rise from a floor-bed of sand that recreates the feel of garden places with lots of sand to play with.

This visual garden installation looks like a botanic creation that one may attempt to reproduce in the parks and garden places of Singapore. Stick multiple cutouts of synthetic flowers into a bed of sand measuring 100-square-metres in size. Paint one surface in different bright colours and keep the other surface black. Call yourself an artist and invite visitors to play with sand at your garden cum art museum.

Created by artist Zadok Ben-David who was born in a place called Yemen and works in another place called the United Kingdom, his playful plot of fine white sand has been converted into a delightful bed of flowers. Instead of flowering plants that require sunlight, fertilizer, soil and places with water, this garden plot of sand contains bionic cut-out plants that stand upright on metallic stems with painted metal as petals.

If our authorities set it up in a housing estate, this unusual garden of sand for residents to play in would stand out from other neighbourhood garden places. Passers-by and resident park visitors would likely produce plenty of oohs and aahs as they wander around this garden. I am sure children would love to play at such garden places and plant their footprints across the sand. Your housing estate would be endowed with more places that support the visual arts with this beautiful garden.

On closer inspection, the plants in this garden demonstrated very intricate patterns in their structures. As I moved from one place in the garden installation to another, the shifting play of colour and perspective was visually mesmerizing. With a garden theme that sits well with Seen This Scene That, I was inspired to place this article here for my art and nature loving readers.

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