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October 06, 2008

Bougainvillea Garden East Coast Park

Photograph: Bougainvillea Garden, East Coast Park.

Bougainvillea Garden East Coast Park

For beautiful garden views of Bougainvilleas in bloom, visit the Bougainvillea Garden on East Coast Park. Formerly called the Shrub Garden, this patch of land at East Coast Park’s Area F (next to carpark F2) has been transformed into a flowering paradise where one can enjoy the flowers next to a picturesque beach.

Best of all, a three-storey-high tower sits on this beachside location. (For my regular readers, you will know that I have a soft spot for towers.) Access to the top of the tower is through a spiral staircase. There does not appear to be balcony space for visitors to stand on the higher levels. This makes me wonder why it was built in the first place.

Photograph: Tower at Bougainvillea Garden, East Coast Park

Visitors can only walk up the circular slope to the first level for a bird’s eye view of the Bougainvillea Garden. Moreover, a locked gate prevented my attempt to reach the apex of the Bougavillea garden tower. There was no other way to reach the top of the tower, short of scaling the outer walls.

The well-maintained Bougainvilleas were pruned to various shapes and sizes. When in bloom, expect bouquets of colours to greet cyclists, joggers, skaters and other passers-by. Pub-crawlers keen for drinks can sit at the patio of a restaurant (Sunset Bay Beach Bar) at one corner of Bougainvillea Garden.

Photograph: Tower view of Bougainvillea Garden, East Coast Park

East Coast Park’s Area F is also a designated place for barbecues. BBQ pits (numbers 57 to 66) are found a short walk from Bougainvillea Garden. There are also Bring-Your-Own-Pit (BYOP) designated areas further along the beach. Convenient public toilets and washrooms are available next to the carpark F2.

For a scenic place along East Coast Park to enjoy views of the sea, sun and flowers, Bougainvillea Garden is a recommended spot to visit.

Map of Bougainvillea Garden in Area F, East Coast Park (click link to see).

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