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November 12, 2008

Bishan Park 1

Bishan Park 1

Bishan Park 1 lies to the west of Bishan Park 2 along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. Marymount Road separates the two parts of Bishan Park. While they share the same ‘Bishan Park’ name, park amenities under Bishan Park 1 and Bishan Park 2 are different.

Bishan Park 1 does not have a Dog Run area, a dedicated skating ring, eco-themed spa or a Plant Nursery (see my post on Bishan Park 2 here).

So what does Bishan Park 1 contain? The usual park amenities are present like the children’s playground, fitness stations, large fields, jogging tracks and cycling paths.

What sets Bishan Park 1 apart from its sibling park is an amphitheatre, a courtyard lined with palms and several distinctive arched red bridges over tranquil lakes.

Bishan Park 1 shares space with wildlife too. If you stay observant, you may spot plantain squirrels that are reported to be endemic in Bishan Park.

I prefer the quieter setting of Bishan Park 1 where trees and lush vegetation abound, as compared to the park over at the other end. The un-crowded paths at Bishan Park 1 allow more space for jogging / walking with less fear of being knocked down by careless cyclists or learner skaters.

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