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November 20, 2008

Defence TechX 2008: I-Hawk Surface-to-Air Missile

Picture: Defence TechX 2008 Outdoor Exhibit At Singapore Science Centre.

Defence TechX 2008: I-Hawk Surface-to-Air Missile Defence System On Display

As a parent who had completed 2.5 years of full time NSF duty, 7 years of high-key NSman (reservist) duty and 3 years of low-key NSman (reservist) service, I could not resist bringing my family to take a look at the outdoor exhibits of Defence TechX 2008 recently.

This opportunity arose when we were at the Singapore Science Centre for a visit. Defence TechX 2008 was a free exhibition for the public to discover and experience how defence science and technology was leveraged as a force multiplier to deliver cutting-edge capabilities to the Singapore Armed Forces.

By the time we were done exploring the Singapore Science Centre exhibits, the main indoor exhibition of Defence TechX in the Annex Building of the Singapore Science Centre had shut down for the evening.

We could only squint at the heavy-duty vehicles and weapon systems under uneven lights that were parked outside the Annex.

Picture: Defence TechX 2008's I-Hawk Surface-to-Air Missile System.

The most impressive display at Defence TechX was the upgraded I-Hawk Surface-to-Air Missile System. For those who are not familiar with a SAM, this I-Hawk Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) System is used for low-to-medium-level air defence to shoot down unfriendly flying objects.

For military techies out there, the I-Hawk comprises a Fire Control Post, Phase Improvement Program III High Power Illuminated target acquisition radar and two launchers. The system is digitised for greater reliability, survivability, situational awareness and firepower. It is capable of performing simultaneous engagements of multiple targets.

More technical data on its performance:
Technical name: PIP III Remote Engaement Section Fire Unit
Range: 40 km
Height: 19 km
Maximum speed of missle: Mach 2.7 (2.7 times the speed of sound)
Single shot kill probability: 85%
Guidance: Semi-active homing

More details can be obtained from Defence TechX 2008 Exhibition website. The exhibition started on 7 November 2008 and ended on 11 November 2008.

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