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November 19, 2008

Kinetic Garden, Singapore Science Centre

Kinetic Garden, Singapore Science Centre

Children looking for a free outdoor garden to play and to learn would jump for joy on discovering the Kinetic Garden at the Singapore Science Centre. The high-tech children's playground is a hotbed of scientific learning in a fun-filled outdoor environment at No. 15, Science Centre Road, off Jurong Town Hall Road.

The Kinetic Garden grew out of a S$2.5 million investment by the Singapore Science Centre to teach the relationships between scientific principles and phenomena which would otherwise be impossible or difficult to create in an indoor setting.

I saw children and even adults attempting to interact with the various Singapore Science Centre exhibits at the 7000 square metre Kinetic Garden. There was also a 200 seater amphitheatre within the Kinetic Garden with a pavilion, but at the time of my visit, there wasn't any outdoor science demonstrations or performances to entertain my children.

In any case, we were not short on entertainment as there were many attractive exhibits at the Kinetic Garden. A few of these exhibits outside the Singapore Science Centre facade caught our undivided attention.

The bright red lips of the Echo Tube was one of these attractions at the Kinetic Garden. We could not resist calling out into the tube to listen to our eerie echoes. The bounce of sound waves as they reflected off the sides and closed-end tube to return back to our ears brought a strange whine.

The Sculpture of the Impossible Triangle was another engaging exhibit. Through a peep hole, your eyes get deceived into seeing a triangle but from other angles, no amount of imagination would turn that disjointed sculpture into such a triangular sculpture.

Other interesting exhibits included the Energy Machine, the Water Maze, the Sundial and the Solar Fountain. These attractions at the Kinetic Garden of the Singapore Science Centre are learning exhibits that are best experienced on a hands-on basis.

A visit to the Kinetic Garden at the Singapore Science Centre will certainly keep your children happy and challenge them mentally.

Direct public buses:
66, 178, 198, 335

MRT Train:
Alight at Jurong East Station on the East West Line, and transfer to no. 335.

On Foot:
Singapore Science Centre is just 8-minute walk from the Jurong East Bus Interchange/MRT Station.

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