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November 17, 2008

Free Outdoor Places To Relax In Singapore

Free Outdoor Places To Relax In Singapore

These are my 8 free outdoor places to relax in Singapore’s parks and gardens. While I’m sure you have your own selection of wonderful free outdoor places to relax in the parks of Singapore, the choices provided here are my current favourites. For some reason or other, these outdoor destinations in Singapore are free places that relax me and make me feel at home.

Picture: One of the free outdoor places to relax in Singapore. Keep to designated walking paths and you won't have to worry of being run down by heavy vehicles.

The top 8 free outdoor places to relax in Singapore’s parks that I shall mention are not listed in any particular order of preference.

1. Singapore Botanic Garden
This park and garden that most Singaporeans grew up with has undergone tremendous transformation in keeping up with the times. Despite outgrowing its infant years, the sweeping changes in outdoor landscape somehow do not lessen the fond emotional attachments I have about the Singapore Botanic Garden. Whichever way you turn, there are numerous pockets of outdoor places to relax in this spacious park.

2. Upper Seletar Reservoir
Avid readers of my blog will note that the Upper Seletar Reservoir’s Observation Tower cemented a memorable bond in my early teenage life. Moreover, this free-entry reservoir park is one of the outdoor places to relax that I am fond of, as it possesses sweeping views of water and sky without the distraction of overcrowding and its attendant consequences.

3. Kent Ridge Park
Kent Ridge Park offers good outdoor views of Singapore’s southern shoreline, a scenic pond and a tranquil forest environment that relaxes my mood. While its secluded outdoor location may have been exposed with the opening of the Southern Ridges park connector network (and the crowds that it brought), the free area still remains as one of my preferred free outdoor places to relax.

4. Bishan Parks 1 and 2
This centrally located free-to-use outdoor park in the middle of Singapore offers places with plenty of options to relax. From wide spaces filled with scenic lotus ponds, cool shelters by the water’s edge, long shady walking paths, fiery-red arched bridges to convenient restaurants, eating-places and an educational plant nursery, I like the well-planned blend of traditional park elements capped with a modern utilitarian twist that makes it one of the unique free outdoor places to relax.

5. Marina South Pier
As I have yet to visit the newly completed Marina Barrage, Marina South Pier remains my destination of choice in the Marina South area as a free outdoor space. I like its free-to-access rooftop that offers visitors a chance to relax with a panoramic view of the sea. Come to this outdoor place if turquoise waters, stunning sunsets, historical steam ship and other waterside views are must-see items that relax you.

6. East Coast Park’s Eastern End
It is a close call in choosing East Coast Park’s eastern end over the equally attractive West Coast Park as a place to relax in Singapore. This outdoor beach cum park is the favourite location for my children to relax, as they like to play on sand and build sandcastles. To relax in an outdoor place filled with almost-perpetual sea breeze, under shade of Casuarinas, powdered beaches and foamy white waves is a resort-like way to relax for free in Singapore.

7. Bukit Batok Nature Reserve
Bukit Batok Nature Reserve is a free-entry outdoor place with scenic lakes and mesmerizing cliff views that relax the soul. I prefer nature walks around this reserve just slightly ahead of MacRitchie Reservoir Park or Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Park. With modern park amenities like a children’s playground and live fishes in the lake, my kids get to relax and enjoy the free outdoor places around Bukit Batok Nature Reserve as much as I.

8. Neighbourhood Park ‘X’
There are many free-entry public neighbourhood places with parks scattered around Singapore that serve as good outdoor places to relax. I happen to like one near my place that I shall name as ‘neighbourhood park X’. While park X started as a carbon-copy duplicate of other neighbourhood parks (children’s playground, fitness station, jogging path, etc), over time I have developed an affinity to this place. It is a quiet park to take a leisure stroll, after an evening meal with family.

These are just eight of my current favourite outdoor places to relax in Singapore. I’m sure you have your own list too.

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