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November 14, 2008

Wonder Wrap of Singapore Parks

Wonder Wrap of Singapore Parks

I found the Wonder Wrap at my visit to SB 2008 engaging. This unusual art installation has elements of Singapore parks (which I am rather fond of visiting) integrated into a Singapore Biennale exhibition.

Gary Carsley from Australia took photographs of Singapore’s Little Guilin at Bukit Batok Park and Jurong’s Chinese Garden and rendered selected images in faux wood-grain. These images of Singapore Parks were then transferred onto self-adhesive photographic papers and creatively glued onto IKEA furniture to be used as ‘Wonder Wrap’, his Singapore Biennale 2008 contemporary visual art installation at the Marina Promontory site.

In this process of transferring a piece of nature as represented by Singapore Parks onto everyday furniture, he has introduced a slice of nature into homes. While most individuals are content with using greenery in potted plants or framed photographs of nature for the home, this ‘Wonder Wrap’ has raised home interior d├ęcor to another level.

Perhaps I could look through my collection of Singapore park photographs to see if suitable scenes in Singapore parks can be used for the home...

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Muhd Imran said...

Another form of art for the home. Ingenious! Thanks for sharing.

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