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November 07, 2008

Snowy Place in Singapore: SB 2008

Photo: Snowy place in Singapore Biennale

Snowy Place in Singapore: SB 2008

One of my favourite visual art exhibit in the Singapore Biennale Containart Pavilion at Marina Promontory along Marina Boulevard, this installation offers visitors a chance to visit a snowy place in Singapore.

This is not one of those snowy places where artificial snow pops out of a machine during Christmas season along Singapore’s Orchard Road. Inside the exhibition pavilion, Hans Op de Beeck from Belgium has created a stunning snowy landscape in the middle of Singapore’s Marina Bay area.

Photo: Shoes outside a snowy place in SB2008.

Entitled ‘Location (6)’, this Singapore Biennale (SB2008) sculptural installation art transports visitors to a snowy world. Visitors must remove their shoes before they get to enter an enclosure shaped like an igloo through a long narrow tunnel. The end of this corridor leads to a glass-encased observatory space that reveals a mesmerizing snowy scene.

This enclosed space fits a family of five seated on cushions. With imitation snow on ground blending into a chalk-white sky, this uber-cool scene of a snowy place is a sight not seen anywhere in Singapore. The contrast between this cool snowy view and the hot afternoon bay view cannot be greater. The addition of trees and the layering of the snowy ground produce a stunning 3-D visual masterpiece that looks better on-site that on an LCD image.

I would have lingered longer in this snowy place if not for the warm ventilation. Perhaps with the additional installation of ice-cold air-conditioning, this make-believe sensory experience of a snowy place would have been perfect.

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