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November 06, 2008

Art By The Bay: Slippers and Bamboo Poles

Art By The Bay: Slippers and Bamboo Poles

This Singapore Biennale outdoor installation art by the Marina Bay, located at the Marina Promenade site, reminds me of a familiar residential HDB scene. You might ask how can rows of slippers hung on bamboo poles at a posh Marina Boulevard address be compared to a neighbourhood backyard?

Instead of slippers hung on bamboo poles as an artwork, I see a similar scene of clothes on bamboo poles, flapping in the wind from a fa├žade of an old block of HDB flat. As a small child, I used to see neighbourhood kids throw slippers at bamboo poles. They were having fun trying to chase away birds resting on those bamboo poles.

This art creation was conceived by Aquilizan Alfredo Juan and Gaudinez-Aquilizan Maria Isabel, husband and wife team, who named their work Flight. They were inspired by the lives of individuals during their process of collecting and presenting these personal items. 4000 bamboo poles and rubber thong slippers were carefully planted in the open space between the Containart Pavilion and the edge of Marina Bay.

Visitors to the Central Promontory Site at Marina Bay can embark on an outdoor walk, weave their way between bamboo poles and admire the city skyline around Marina Bay.

If you look carefully at the cranes and scaffolding at construction sites rising up around the Bay, a semblance to these bamboo poles cannot be missed.

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