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November 05, 2008

Wet and Wild Sea Journey Of Hope

Image: Singapore Biennale 2008 'Floating'.

Wet and Wild Sea Journey Of Hope

This Singapore Biennale video-art piece has vertigo-inducing yet addictive sequences of a boat on a wet and wild journey across the sea. If you can stomach the highs and lows from start till end, there is a message to learn at the termination of this video production.

Produced by Yuan Goang-Ming from Taiwan, the video can be viewed in one of the goods container at the Containart, located at Marina Promontory site, Marina Bay, for Singapore Biennale 2008.

This video work entitled ‘Floating’ brings viewers on a topsy-turvy sea journey. I witnessed a video show of a boat swinging wildly from side to side until it finally overturned. Yet somehow, it managed to re-position itself back to the right side up again. My kids and I liked the video but I felt mildly light-headed at the end of the short video show.

The guide book explains that Floating was produced as result of personal experience when the artist felt a sense of isolation while studying in a foreign land. The movement of the boat righting itself despite overturning, offers a sense of hope at the end of a difficult period.

If you have visited the theme parks overseas in Australia like Dreamworld, Movie World or Sea World, the video effects of some of the indoor rides may look familiar. What’s missing now would be cushioned seats that rock sideways, in-your-face water-droplet sprays, better acoustics and cold air-conditioning to make the experience similar.

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