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December 02, 2008

Amazing Thing To See In Singapore

Amazing Thing To See In Singapore

Picture: Audio-Kinetica is an amazing Singapore Science Centre thing to see.

The Audio-Kinetica is an amazing thing to see in Singapore. This exhibit is one of my family's favourite Singapore Science Centre sculpture.

Created to represent the vibrancy and dynamism of the Singapore Science Centre, this sculpture is an amazing blend of science with the arts.

We never fail to be awed by the elaborate pathways that move balls around this intricate system that reminds one of a conveyor belt but with impressive bells and amazing whistles.

From the top of the chain assembly, witness how these balls work their way through the system to the bottom of the track. See, hear and be amazed by the visual motions and audible sounds when energy is transformed from potential energy to kinetic and sound energies as the ball rolls, drops, swings, jumps and dances along each stage of the course.

For extra interactivity, there is a handle on the right end of the glass box (not shown in picture) that you can rotate to shoot balls into a hoop. This stand-alone basketball dunk activity is, however, not connected to the main chain assembly pathway.

Each ball will complete the entire course but once you are hooked on this amazing thing to see, the show never seems to end.

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