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December 03, 2008

Meet The President At Singapore Science Centre

Meet The President At Singapore Science Centre

Visitors to the Singapore Science Centre will have an opportunity to 'meet' our President at the gallery. He will be there to receive visitors although there is no formal engagement at the Science Centre. What is cool about it is that there are no bodyguards, entourage, lion dances, school bands or tea receptions around him. He will be available throughout visiting hours at the Science Centre to meet you one-to-one.


This is a life-like picture of our President. He turns his head, blinks then looks you in the eye. By the wizardry of electronics and in the vein of Harry Potter, this impressive exhibit featuring President S R Nathan’s portrait is an excellent opportunity for shy visitors to get as close as they want to our President.

This is the only interactive portrait of His Excellency Mr S R Nathan, President of the Republic of Singapore, at the Singapore Science Centre. How does it work? Visit the Singapore Science Centre to find out.

seen this scene that

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