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December 17, 2008

Magical Places In Singapore

Photo: One of the magical places in Singapore.

Magical Places In Singapore

The Singapore Science Centre has magical places in Singapore for children and their families to explore. In Magic: the Science Of Illusion exhibition, halls have been transformed into magical places to learn about the secrets of magic.

The exhibit includes a theatre, 27 interactive exhibits, and put-yourself-in-the-picture magical experiences that runs from now till end of February 2009.

Of the various exhibits, here are some rather magical ones to consider. In "Illusion of A Disembodied Head", learn how to magically remove your head from the rest of your body and then place it back again without any permanent side effects.

In "Illusion of Levitation", check out the secrets on how to magically lift your body up into the air without any obvious mechanical assistance.

If your kids are the hands-on type, let them attend the Magician's Training Academy to learn the ropes of a magician based on math and psychology principles.

At the Abracadabra! Theatre, daily afternoon magic shows will entertain kids and the young-at-heart. Watch magicians perform their magic tricks and show you the impact of magic.

This magical place at the Singapore Science Centre is not an illusion. Parents with kids should give priority to bring the family there for fun and learning.

Admission charges apply.
See Magic: The Science of Illusion webpage for more details.

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Muhd Imran said...

Interesting place and event happening there.

Not sure my 13 year old Sonny is still interested visiting such a place nowawdays. It was his favorite place when he was small, only sscond to the zoo.

Thanks for sharing.

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