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January 22, 2009

Places For Youth Olympic Games Events

Places For Youth Olympic Games Events

The world's first Singapore Youth Olympic Games will only take place in the year 2010, but there were places in town where YOG-related events were held recently.

I participated in the Youth Olympic Games CAN! Carnival held at the premises of Singapore Management University on 10 January 2009. Various sports-related activities like equestrian (horse riding), basketball, handball, wrestling and fencing awaited visitors. While I did not join in those sports, I did take part in the YOG-supported two thousand and ten-metre run around town.

It was a unique run with spectacular landmarks on offer: the Singapore Art Museum (former SJI) building, Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, a glimpse of the Peranakan Museum, the National Museum of Singapore, The Cathy and of course the buildings of SMU.

Read more of my visit to a Youth Olympic Games event.

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