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January 21, 2009

Holiday Places Out Of Singapore

Holiday Places Out Of Singapore

This post on holiday places out of Singapore serves several purposes. One is to share the reason why I stopped posting for some days at the end of December last year. Another is to share some of my private moments with family. The last is to seek out new places to visit on my holidays out of Singapore to fulfill my blogging passion in Seen This Scene That with my readers.

I must declare that I am not working as a public civil servant. And my trip to this holiday place out of Singapore did not cost an arm or a leg or a combination of the two. It was also booked and confirmed before the financial meltdown in September. My big boss and three mini-bosses also went with me, so there’s no fear of being given a public warning.

These holiday places that took me away from my comfortable Little Red Dot were a potent mix of sun, sand, surf, strange creatures, Sea, Superman and other scary rides. Yes, I am writing about my travels to a foreign country, south of the Equator in the passionate heat of summer.

To keep a story from turning into a bore, here's the gist of it.

Family and I wandered along part of the 70-km long Gold Coast City shoreline, hoping to spot incriminating litter or a rubbish bin but failing to find convincing evidence of either. The powdery sand looked too clean to be real and the foamy surfs were too tall to be generated by nature.

We also wondered how many hours were required for food to digest before mustering sufficient courage to attempt the daredevil roller-coaster rides like Superman Escape or the triple loop Corkscrew Rollercoaster. Answer: Unknown. Everyone chickened out.

We were not short of wonder when faced with strange but cute looking protected Koalas, Snowy Owl and Polar Bears. How much food must they eat to maintain their full figures? How do they maintain their coat of feathers and fur? Isn’t it hot to wear that thick coat in summer? Is that owl Hegwig from Harry Potter’s movie set?

Wandering and wondering became a routine throughout the holiday places out of Singapore over there in Down Under. No need to wonder anymore about my private moments on holiday. There won’t be compromising photos like my sunbathing pictures to show, nor stories about any culinary skills to share.

Photo: I am not wearing nothing. I am covered with hair.

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yg said...

hi seenthisscenethat, gold coast is a nice place for a relaxing holiday. if you do go there again, you should make a side-trip to the tamborine mountain. i mentioned it in my post here

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