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January 20, 2009

Where is this playground?

Where is this Playground?

I have been sharing my views on the places of interest around Singapore in Seen This Scene That for almost one year. It's time to let my readers do the sharing today.

From this photograph, can you answer these questions about the playground?

(a) Where is this playground?

(b) Name any two facilities near this playground.

(c) Do you (or your kids) like / dislike such a playground?

(d) Explain your answer to question (c).

Thanks for playing in this playground quiz!

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Victor said...

Welcome to the Quiz Club. :)

Anonymous said...

I want to try.

(a) I think at Changi Airport

(b) If at airport, surely have toilet and cafe.

(c) I think this playground is a wonderful idea. A workout for the kids, and they'd be dozing on the plane.

Anonymous said...

(a) if im correct, this pic is taken at transit terminal 3, A16-A20.
(b) facilities ->internet and a plasma tv featuring MTV channel
(c) Even at my age of 25, i love playgrounds!!!!
(d) It's fun lor!!!!

Admin said...

Hi Nor Ariffin, you are right! I agree that we are never too young nor too old to enjoy playgrounds.

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