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January 19, 2009

Vanda Miss Joaquim Park - Part 2

Vanda Miss Joaquim Park - Part 2

The mystery of how the Vanda Miss Joaquim Park collected its name is explained in this plaque planted within its grounds.

"This garden commemorates the founder and the birthplace of our national flower, Vanda Miss Joaqium. Historical records show that Miss Joaqium stayed around this area during the late 1800s."

I believe there is a typo error on the plaque. The letters 'i' and 'u' are reversed in the word "Joaqium". Probably a contractor mixed up the letters.

If you wonder what the Vanda Miss Joaquim flower looks like, the photograph of the flower is here at Nparks. You can scrutinize the spelling and compare it with Nparks. There is also a little write-up about Miss Joaquim and our national flower.

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