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January 15, 2009

Singapore River Hong Bao

Singapore River Hong Bao

In Lunar New Year tradition, gifting and receiving of Hong Bao (red packets filled with currency) are customary. At the Singapore River Hong Bao 2009, will you find some Hong Bao by the Singapore River that now flows into Marina Reservoir?

The Singapore River Hongbao will be held at the Floating Platform from 24 January 2009 to 1st February 2009.

What I look forward to most are the giant lighting installations of the God of Fortune and the twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals. These attractions will be lit every night to enthrall up to half a million visitors expected over the Lunar New Year period.

On 24 and 25 Jan 2009 (Lunar New Year Eve), a concert "ETHNIC DANCE & ACROBATICS SPECTACULAR" will be performed nightly by Hubei Art College & Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe. Of course, I expect to see the count-down on Chinese New Year Eve that will lead to a lively fire-crackers display to usher in the Year of the Ox.

Cultural programmes have been planned with traditional classical performances as well as the not-so-old-fashioned on other nights.

Song and dance performances by New Singaporeans entitled 'New Year Extravaganza' will be held on 26 Jan. Catch live Peking Opera highlights featuring excerpts from Journey To The West on 27 Jan. Enjoy 'Power of Youth', an artistic and cultural expression by youths on 28 Jan. Singapore schools will put up a grand show at Campus Clapper on 29 Jan.

Ox-Pop Concert, on 30 to 31 Jan 2009, will feature popular artists such as Project Superstar champions Kelvin Tan Wei Lian and Kelly Poon, Taiwanese classic female rock singer “Wa Wa” Jin Zhi Juan and local music veteran Li Fei Hui. This should appeal to young people and those young at heart.

The Singapore River Hongbao will end on 1 Feb 2009 with 'ALTOGETHER FOR A BULLISH YEAR', the River Hongbao Closing Performance cum Grand Lo Hei Dinner.

In challenging times like these, more Hong Bao for everyone will definitely be welcomed. So I hope the river of Hong Bao will flow like charging bull.

Details of Singapore River Hongbao at www.riverhongbao.sg

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