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January 14, 2009

Smallest Park In Singapore: Vanda Miss Joaquim Park

Photo: Stop! No entry! Is Vanda Miss Joaquim Park The Smallest In Singapore?

Smallest Park In Singapore: Vanda Miss Joaquim Park

The Vanda Miss Joaquim Park is a little red dot of parkland that you can find within the shores of our Little Red Dot. I believe it is the smallest park in Singapore. Yet despite its size, simple features stand out to give this park its unique character.

It has its own arched entrance, a red Chinese-style pavilion, a concrete chessboard, its own landscaping that comes complete with plots of bamboos. There are benches that allow residents to sit and enjoy listening to the rustle of leaves when an occasional breeze passes by. Tall trees at Vanda Miss Joaquim Park provide good canopy against a tropical sun.

Photo: Vanda Miss Joaquim Park With Bamboo Plots and Temple In Background.

Vanda Miss Joaquim Park park blends well into a corner of Chinatown along Yan Kit Road, near to Tanjong Pagar Plaza. Other buildings of note around this area are Phoo Thor Jee Temple, Yan Kit Swimming Pool (closed) and Duxton Plain Park.

Despite its unique name that is shared by our national flower, I did not see any orchids, much less the Vanda Miss Joaquim flower, in this serene garden. I suspect the park was named after a famous visiting dignitary on an auspicious occasion.

This well-used park shows its age. That is a good sign for a park as it indicates that residents have made Vanda Miss Joaquim Park their own private playground. Such a small simple garden with its conducive mingling areas for residents, augmented with useful amenities, certainly encourages neighbourly interaction that is often lacking in many other bigger parks and gardens in this fast-paced society of ours.

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