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January 13, 2009

Buangkok Green Medical Park

Buangkok Green Medical Park

First time visitors to Buangkok Green Medical Park like myself will be pleasantly surprised to find a park that has buildings utilized by a hospital and other health care institutions, surrounded by a forest of peaceful greenery.

The egg-shaped perimeter of this cluster of buildings has a well-marked jogging track with numbers painted to plot the intervals around a 1.6 km long route. Many runners and walkers were spotted using the Buangkok Green Medical Park Jogging Track, which also connects to the Buangkok Green Park Connector.

The Buangkok Green Medical Park jogging track sits at the top of a slope with a wall of tall trees beyond the valley - a perfect setting for that top-of-the-world feeling. As you run with the wind in your face, it's a relaxing and therapeutic way to unwind.

A small children's playground and a fitness station serve to attract families with kids to Buangkok Green Medical Park. If you and your spouse prefer jogging, I suggest one spouse take to the 1.6 km long track first while the other perform stationary exercises at the fitness station to keep an eye on your kids. When your spouse returns from his or her run, you swap places to allow both parties to get their therapeutic dose of endorphin.

As you mobilize your limbs and navigate your way around this scenic jogging park, consider the importance of physical and mental health.

Like those souls who exercise on the same jogging paths dressed in their orange, red or black in-patient garments, we should also maintain our health, whatever the state of our mental or physical health.

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Muhd Imran said...

I would pass this place by whenever I need to take a cab to work.

Always wonder what is beyond the nice entrance, and now I get a glipse of it here.

Thank you for sharing! Maybe this can be my next cycling destination.

Lam Chun See said...

Do u know why it is called 'Medical' park? I thot they planted lots of herbs or something.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful medical park that I have visited for years. They have done a great service for the community through their outreach. Thanks for all the years of wonderful service!

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