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January 12, 2009

Volvo Ocean Race: Singapore

C.C. Picture via flickr

Volvo Ocean Race: Singapore

I am still learning about the Volvo Ocean Race since the teams sailed into Singapore waters and had an in-port race off the beaches of East Coast Park recently.

What is the Volvo Ocean Race?
According to the Volvo Ocean Race press release, it is the "Everest of Sailing". During the nine months of marathon sailing between 11 ports around the world, the professional crew will have to weather Nature's elements, endure sleep deprivation, survive on canned food and hunger, take no showers nor change of clothes, put their lives in constant danger and fly their families to the 11 ports for reunions. Just so to get their adrenaline rush from the offshore drama and a chance for onshore glamour to be crowned as winners of the world's most demanding team sporting event.

Who are the teams?
There are 8 starting teams competing in the Volvo Ocean Race. They are Ericsson 3 (skipper: Anders Lewander), Ericsson 4 (skipper: Torben Grael), Puma Ocean Racing (skipper: Ken Read), Telefonica Blue (skipper: Bouwe Bekking), Telefonica Black (skipper: Fernando Echavarri), Team Russia (skipper Andreas Hanakamp), Green Dragon Racing team (skipper: Ian Walker) and Delta Lloyd (skipper Ger O-rourke).

Where are the ports?
The 11 ports in the order of racing are Alicante (Spain), Cape Town (South Africa), Cochin (India), Singapore, Qingdao (China), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Boston (USA), Galway (Ireland), Marstrand (Sweden), Stockholm (Sweden) and St Petersburg (Russia).

photo via Sg Youth Olympic Games

At every port of call, there is a mini-race. This in-port race was held off East Coast Park on 10 January 2009 in Singapore, the fourth port of call for the Volvo Ocean Race.

Results of Singapore In-Port Race
The results of the Singapore In-Port Race (UBS Challenge) held over two races on Saturday 10 January, 2009 08:30 GMT:

Overall winner:
1st - Ericsson 4
2nd - PUMA
3rd - Telefonica Blue
4th - Telefonica Black
5th - Green Dragon
6th - Ericsson 3
7th - Delta Lloyd

If you wish to learn something new, check out the Volvo Ocean Race.

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