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January 08, 2009

Singapore Tattoo Show 2009

Photo: Would you like this 'tattoo' on your skin?

Singapore Tattoo Show 2009

From a badge of gangster-hood and a stigma of low-life, the skin tattoo has inked its way into an industry and a niche form of fine art with the first ever Singapore Tattoo Show 2009.

Times have really changed when I see men and women who deliberately mutilate beautify their appearance with such inked accessories. These days, permanent tattoos are not hidden discreetly anymore. They shout to you from uncovered anatomical locations. Some are even worn like a uniform, for the whole wide world to gawk admire.

With the Singapore Tourism Board's endorsement and a brief write-up on the Singapore Tattoo Show 2009 webpages, I suppose the exhibition would have mustered minimum standards fit for a general audience. I should put aside my prejudice and give this exhibition a chance to show me what it's got. Without getting permanent ink on in my skin.

Singapore Tattoo Show 2009 Details:

Where: Singapore Expo, Hall 6B
When: 9 to 11 January 2009
Entrance Fee: Yes
Website: http://www.tattoo.com.sg/

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