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February 20, 2009

Free Places To Visit Singapore

Free Places To Visit Singapore

Where normally you would have to pay to gain entry to these places of interest in Singapore, there are now free places to visit Singapore during the Singapore Tourism Board's '2009 Reasons SMS Passport' promotion in the month of February 2009.

Free rides and free entries apply to five attractions in Singapore for the first 2009 local visitors with SMS Passport each weekend (14-15 Feb, 21-22 Feb, 28 Feb - 1 Mar 09) on a first-come first-served basis.

The five free places to visit Singapore are: Singapore Flyer (Usual Price = $28.50 for an adult), Jurong BirdPark (U.P. = $18), Sentosa Island (Images of Singapore U.P. = $10), National Museum of Singapore (U.P. = $10) and Singapore River Cruises (U.P. = $13).

To get your hands on tickets to these free places to visit in Singapore, just SMS '2009' to 79777. Within seconds, you will receive a text reply like the one I have. Each SMS passport entitles the phone holder to collect four free tickets, until the quota of 2009 tickets have been distributed for that weekend. After the 2009th person in the queue, you are entitled to discounts on the usual purchase price, plus many other food and beverage promotions.

Ideally, I may consider trying for the Singapore Flyer, the Singapore River Cruises and the National Museum of Singapore for one weekend due to their relative proximity to one another, and perhaps save the other two attractions for another activity-packed weekend. In practice, I think it will not be that smooth-going.

What do you expect to see at these free places to visit during this promotion in Singapore? At least two thousand and nine happy faces per weekend plus some unhappy faces from those who just missed out on the goodies. These free places of attractions would also witness long queues prior to the opening hours of the respective ticketing offices.

These free places to visit in Singapore, strictly speaking, are not absolutely free. There's a small charge of twenty cents for each SMS call although if you share that sum with three other persons, that works out to only 5 cents per person.

For Singaporeans who have been eyeing these five free places for their attractions but never had a chance to visit them, this is a great opportunity of 2009 to support Singapore's attempt to promote tourism.

More information on these free places to visit Singapore:
Singapore Tourism Board website

See more places. Live more life.

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rainfield61 said...

Thanks for the information. Hopefully I'll have time for that.

Admin said...

Hi rainfield61, thanks for visiting my site. Hope you can cross the causeway and visit Singapore soon!

Anonymous said...

[...]What can a blogger, living on an island and trying to live more life, do in a recession?[...]

Icemoon said...

Heard from my friend those people started queuing for the flyer the night before!

Muhd Imran said...

I SMS that too and got a message in return to collect my free entry tickets... have been busy with Sonny's school events that we've been putting it off for two weeks now.

My one last weekend before it all goes "poof!" free into thin air. Heard it was such a hit that people lined-up the night before on Friday to get tickets for Saturday, by Sunday nothing is left.

Such stress for something that should be spent as leisure. Ironic, but when something is free, it will always be a "Hello Kitty" incident with Singaporeans.

Wish everyone enjoys their weekends.

Muhd Imran said...

PS: CONGRATS on turning ONE!

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