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February 23, 2009

Stagmont Park Singapore

Stagmont Park Singapore

Singaporeans, permanent residents and foreigners who stay a stone’s throw away from Stagmont Park in Singapore may have several concerns. At the same time, despite the economic recession raging throughout the globe, they are in for some pleasant bonuses.

Photostream of Stagmont Park:
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First, the bad news: Stagmont Park is a beehive of activities for children, older kids and young adults. Think noise pollution. Think loss of peace and quiet. Due to the attractive children’s playground and a multi-purpose court for sports-related activities, Stagmont Park can be a focal point of screaming children and loud youths in basketball frenzy.

Another piece of bad news for residents living around Stagmont Park: candle wax defacement on park properties from use of lighted candles during past mooncake festivals. There may not be serious incidents that lead to open fires, but the possibility cannot be discounted.

And the bonuses (or good news)? Plenty.

The design layout of Stagmont Park is exquisite. Two arched bridges made of stone add a colonial Zen-like charm to Stagmont Park. A parched river, that connects two dry pools, cuts Stagmont Park into two unequal halves. With imagination, I could picture myself jumping into the ‘river’ to try my hand at ‘longkang’ fishing.

A fitness station laden with exercise equipment provides good incentives for the physically inactive to turn over a new leaf. Foot reflexology amenities cater to the elderly population, with a raised shelter built on stilts providing peaceful resting places for those physically strained.

Stagmont Park has a fun walkers trail for residents in this part of the island. Five rounds of walking around the perimeter of Stagmont Park (about two kilometers distance) will give a good workout for moderately active residents. A signboard offers detailed advice on how to perform warm-ups, stretching exercises and explains the many benefits of exercise.

BBQ pits, available for rental use by residents at Stagmont Park, will turn this area into a focus of feasting and family fun on some evenings.

Landscaping with unusual trees and interesting garden plants packed into Stagmont park raises the sensory experience by more than a notch. A Show Garden takes pride of place near the middle of Stagmont Park. It has a notice with a sign: “100,000 Native Plants @ South West Show Garden is a community initiative to root the community to live, work and play together in the South West District, by reinstating the natural heritage of Singapore.”

Stagmont Park seems to possess qualities that make it a good place to live, work and play. What do you think?

Location of Stagmont Park:
Choa Chu Kang St 54, opposite Kranji Primary School, near HDB Blocks 763, 764, 767 and 771. Choa Chu Kang Stadium, CCK Swimming Complex and CCK Sports Hall are just round the corner.

Map of Stagmont Park:

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Muhd Imran said...

From the photo, that bridge looks like it was from medieval times. Interesting park with the wooden shelter too.

Thanks for sharing.

Sally said...

Looks like a fun place to visit. How lucky for those residents there.

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