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February 16, 2009

Seen This Scene That Turns One

Seen This Scene That Turns One

My "Seen This Scene That" has reached the one-year-old milestone today. I shall pause for a mini celebration.

I read the post that I wrote a year ago:

"I am experimenting with SeenThisSceneThat, the name of my new blog.

I hope to put words to keyboard and discover more to life than a fast-paced cosmopolitan existence. I will look for the unusual, the atypical or the off-beat in the common spaces that I see around me. All observations however insignificant or minor that's worth highlighting according to these themes will be used.

There's plenty to see and do around us. There's even more to appreciate in life beyond the hustle and bustle of living in the Lion City. I feel there should be time to slow down, smell the flowers, listen to waves lapping at a beach. In this time-compressed must-be-number-one-in-everything island known as Singapore Inc, such consideration is often a rarity.

Through blogging SeenThisSceneThat, I aim to reduce the gear by a notch or two. I will value the experience as I journey through life. Or else, time will slip by and the opportunity lost forever.

I will enjoy the scenery. As much as I can. As I hope you will too."
and am amazed that this experiment to write about something that I am passionate about is still alive today.

Did I "discover more to life than a fast-paced cosmopolitan existence"?

Did I "slow down, smell the flowers, listen to waves lapping at a beach"?

Did I "value the experience as I journey through life"?

To all those questions, my answers are: YES!

I've enjoyed the scenery and the sharing of what I've seen with all of you.

With your support, I hope to continue the experiment for a while longer.

Thank you, friends, readers and fellow citizens of the world.

seen this scene that

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Jinghui said...

A great milestone !

Happy Birthday to Seen This Scene That ! Many awesome and enriching blog posts and photos to come !

Your words and goals written here are and have been constantly expressed in your blogging. Thanks for sharing and reminding us, there are always things to see, do and have fun in our own backyard !


Icemoon said...

Happy Birthday to the blog!

I suspect when she turns two, you would have run out of places to visit .. lol

Muhd Imran said...


A site worth visiting and learn from, getting ideas from. Appreciate your efforts and inspirational passion for local sites.

Have a great week ahead and here's to another interesting year!

Lam Chun See said...

Well done. I have found your site quite useful becos I have not been able to keep up with the many new places that have popped up in Spore in recent years. One example is the Mangrove Forest at Pasir Ris. I went there recently becos I saw it on your blog as well as LKK's photo blog.

PanzerGrenadier said...


Wow! Time flies and congratulations on your blog turning ONE!

The blog wouldn't have survived without your interest and passion about bring your readers to see more of things in Singapore that we can bring families!

Be well and prosper.

Victor said...

Only one year and it's so professional-looking? Unbelievable and well done!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to SeenThisSceneThat! Keep up the wonderful effort! and thanks for the informative posts!

Sg Sky said...


2 thumbs-up for your effort and posts. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I found this blog when searching for hiking trails in Singapore. As an newbie in Singapore, I greatly appreciate your efforts of sharing these great tips with others!

- said...

Hello :D

The amount of time you have invested in creating this is well worth it (: I enjoy reading and getting to know more, especially about the offbeat places in Singapore. Such a pity that my generation and those to come cannot see the past ourselves as room has to be made for development.

All the best in your future endeavours :D

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I found this blog when I was searching for Marina Reservoir, planning to bring my children there for a change. I was guilty for giving them computers, PSP...etc and wanted to make some changes and go for some outdoor activities. I found your blog a wonderful reference site for many interesting places to go in SG, which some of them I had never known before! Thanks and keep up the wonder works!

Kidzpassport said...

Great blog, heaps of ideas here, thank you! I discovered you after setting up my own website aimed at getting people to explore Singapore with their kids. My new site is www.kidzpassport.com. Would love to know your thoghts. Not as comprehensive as yours yet though!
Good luck with it all.

Admin said...

Hi Kidzpassport,

Thanks for your support.

Looking forward to read more of your blog. Keep the ideas flowing!

Anonymous said...

:D can you tell me how to get to Hort Park? thanks.

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