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March 27, 2009

Green Wedding In Singapore Parks

Green Wedding In Singapore Parks

I saw this "Green Wedding" suggestion on Nparks' website and felt that it was a rather unique way to use the parks and gardens in Singapore.

I have seen couples taking wedding photographs during my visits to public parks and outdoor gardens but a green wedding certainly takes it up to the next level.

According to Nparks, couples can organise a green wedding and turn their memorable occasion into an environmentally-friendly affair.

Here are tips from Nparks on how couples can use parks for their "Green Wedding":

1. Use single layer invitation cards printed on recycled paper, treeless paper made from bamboo or other materials, or better yet, use e-invitations to reduce paper wastage.

2. If using disposable tableware, choose biodegradable products.

3. Encourage your guests to car-pool or van-pool.

4. Choose a caterer that is familiar with the venue to avoid any damage to the site during their setup or teardown.

5. Select wedding favors that are useful for your guests to minimise throwaways.

6. Consider using pre-owned items (e.g. wedding gown, decorations) for your wedding.

7. Decorate your wedding venue with potted plants that you can use again to decorate your home instead of fresh cut flowers where possible.

8. Source for local flowers and plants to decorate the wedding venue to minimise resources used in transporting them.

9. Setup a gift registry to minimise unwanted gifts.

10. Let your guests know to avoid giving congratulatory cards but instead sign their best wishes on your wedding guestbook.

11. Request for guests to donate towards an environmental cause.

12. Request for cleaners at the venue to separate recyclable items from those that are not and dispose them accordingly.

13. Avoid shark's fin in your menu.

14. Avoid the use of confetti.

15. Enjoy your green wedding.

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