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March 25, 2009

Mugliston Park Playground

Photograph: Mugliston Park Playground with Angsana Trees

Mugliston Park Playground

At around the time that I was trying to locate Kampong Lorong Buangkok, I discovered Mugliston Park Playground.

This small cozy park cum playground is located in the heart of landed properties, between Gerald Drive and Mugliston Park Road in Singapore. From Mugliston Park Playground, it is a short walk to Kampong Lorong Buangkok.

A colourful row of flowers greeted me upon my arrival at this playground cum mini-garden. A few park users were seen, walking their dogs. No kids or young children were seen at the Mugliston playground. It was empty of youngsters during my entire visit.

What caught my attention at Mugliston Park Playground was a notice regarding some sick trees at the Mugliston Park playground pasted on a wooden shelter.

Apparently the community garden’s Angsana Trees had been infected with Angsana Wilt Disease. This infection could cause the tall Angsana Trees to fall and potentially result in damage to property or injury to residents. Plans were afoot to remove the infected trees and to restore Mugliston Park Playground to its original condition.

I looked at the tall Angsana trees and shuddered at the thought that these gigantic trunks within Mugliston Park Playground could collapse at any time without warning.

Do you know of any park or playground that is under threat by infected plants or trees?

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