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March 23, 2009

Cattle Farm Singapore

Photo: Resident of A Cattle Farm, Singapore.

Cattle Farm Singapore

I read on my visit to Telok Ayer Green that milk vendors in Singapore used to roam the streets with their milk dispenser (cow) in tow. They dispensed fresh milk straight from a cow for residents keen for a taste of fresh milk.

The sight of that cow sculpture piqued my interest to explore places in Singapore where I could see live cattle and perhaps sample fresh milk. Besides the Singapore Zoological Gardens, was there any place in Singapore where I could find live cattle frolicking on a farm?

The answer came on a recent school holiday during a weekend afternoon when my family of five visited Kranji. At Viknesh Dairy Farm along Lim Chu Kang Lane 8A, a herd of live cattle greeted us upon our unscheduled arrival at this cattle farm.

There was no one at the cattle farm's open gate to receive our unannounced visit. We parked at a paved compound and wandered into the cattle shed.

Some workers were busy washing the cattle shed when we arrived. They smiled at us and seemed to be used to the presence of visitors although we saw no other visitor throughout our visit.

At the cattle farm, about 18 to 20 adult cattle were scattered throughout a cavernous compound. Most were sitting idly and I presumed they were taking a siesta. With leftover hay, pineapples and some unidentifiable food strewn all over the cattle compound, I figured they must have eaten a hefty meal.

Without the aid of information board or any on-site farm guide, we were clueless about the heritage of these farm animals, their feeding habits, the milking processes, fertility treatments and other relevant information that visitors to farms like these would often ask.

My kids picked up pieces of hay to hand feed a few younger cattle. I think they enjoyed the feeding session more than the animals. Look at the faces on these two animals (featured below) to see what I mean.

We watched the cattle with amazement. We were especially amazed at their voluminous urinary output. Their dollops of fresh bowel output were also an unintended source of amazement.

There was some heavy-duty machinery inside a neighbouring building that looked like milk processing devices. Canisters and other containers were also found.

If you intend to sample fresh milk at this cattle farm, you may be in for disappointment. We searched for a drink stall serving fresh milk but found none. No souvenir shop could be located here either. Some renovation works were noted inside a building.

Notwithstanding the lack of opportunity to sample fresh milk, this cattle farm in Singapore’s remote Kranji countryside was still an eye-opening visit for my family and I.

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yg said...

i think this viknesh dairy farm used to be at dairy farm road in the upper bt timah area. lim chu kang lane 8 is a nice avenue with tall melinjau trees on both sides of the road.
during my earlier hiking days - i still hike -i came across a dairy farm at somapah road. those days, there were also dairy farms in the changi area.

Donna said...

As someone who milked cows for many years here in the middle of the U.S.A., this is very interesting. I came here from "Passionate About Life", a blog I read regularly.

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi yg, thanks for sharing. I didn't know there were dairy farms in Upper Bukit Timah or Changi.

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi Donna, welcome to Seen This Scene That and Singapore!

I saw your cow on the farm in your blog, looks really cute.

Do you use machines to milk your cow?

Anonymous said...

hi, is the farm is still around?

yaashini said...

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bala said...

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Michelle said...

how do i get there? address?

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