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March 20, 2009

Prawn Fishing Singapore

Image: Hungry for prawn?

Prawn Fishing Singapore

Children and adults who love prawning or prawn-fishing should be familiar with these prawn-fishing places in Singapore. For others who might like to take up prawning or prawn-fishing as a leisure activity, I hope this list of prawn-fishing places will come in useful.

The selected list of places for Prawn-Fishing in Singapore is presented here.

(1) Bishan Prawn Fishing
Address: 603, Sin Ming Avenue
(Bishan, near Nature Park Golf Driving Range)
Prawn fishing rates
$15.00 - 01 hour
$25.00 - 02 hours
$30.00 - 03 hours
$90.00 - 10 hours (9 +1)

(2) Jurong Hill Prawn Fishing
Address: 241, Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim
(near Jurong Bird Park)
Prawn fishing rates
1 Hour - $15.00
2 Hours - $25.00
3 Hours - $30.00
10 Hours - $90.00

(3) Pasir Ris Town Park Prawn Fishing
Address: Pasir Ris Town Park
Prawn fishing rates
$13 per hour

(4) Pasir Ris Farmway Prawn Fishing
Address: Pasir Ris Park Industrial Coast Park 2
Prawn fishing rates
$12 for hour
$24 for 2.5 hours
$36 for 4 hour

(5) Punggol Prawn Fishing
Address: 600 Punggol Seventeenth Avenue, off Punggol Road
(at Marina Country Club)
Prawn fishing rates
$15 for one hour session
$25 for two hours session and
$30 for three hours session

(6) Yishun Prawn Fishing
Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu (Yishun)
(at Bottle Tree Park)
Prawn fishing rates
$43.50/4 hrs

Prawn fishing rods and bait are included in the rates. Kindly note that the listed prawn fishing rates are subject to change without prior notice. Some prawn fishing spots may offer special prawn-fishing rates during promotional periods.

At certain prawn fishing places, barbecue pits are provided for friends and family members to enjoy a prawn bbq get-together. According to my sponsor, if you develop rashes after eating prawns, you can should consult a skin doctor in Singapore to get a proper diagnosis.

These prawn-fishing places in Singapore are just a few that I've come to know about. Personally, I haven't tried all these prawn fishing places yet, although some were seen some time age. If you know of any new prawn fishing places in Singapore, let me know.

Enjoy your prawning sessions!

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Muhd Imran said...

Looks so good to eat.

The Bottle Tree place looks good for some relaxation too. May not catch prawn, but I heard the seafood there is Halal and nice too.

Have a great weekend.

yg said...

they also have prawn fishing at bottletree village (sembawang) and at farm-mart (at sunei tengah.

Anonymous said...

There's a new 24-hr prawn fishing place in Hougang, at 21 Aroozoo Ave.

Yennie said...

(3) Pasir Ris Town Park Prawn Fishing
Address: Pasir Ris Town Park
Prawn fishing rates
$13 per hour
$39 for 3hrs+(1hr free)<-the best go for this package!
Bait is $1
Rod is included

STST said...

Hi Yennie,
Welcome to Seen This Scene That and thanks for the update on your farm at my 'prawn fishing Singapore' post.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you can add this new prawn fishing place at Guillemard Road (Former Singapore Badminton Hall)

Open 24hrs
Bait & rod provided
1HR - S$15
2HR - S$25
3HR - S$30

Ayu_nurani said...

Hi..theres one prawing fishing pond in lakeside fishing village..
1hr - $14.00/-
2+1hrs(free)- $28.00/-

Additional $2.00 will get you another 1 extra rod for an 1hr prawning for the 2+1hrs package.But this only applies during the weekdays.For weekends,additional $6.00 for extra rod.

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