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March 16, 2009

LongKang Fishing Singapore

LongKang Fishing Singapore

I had wonderful memories of longkang fishing days during my childhood. In those days, I used to visit a longkang fishing place behind my old primary school in Margaret Drive.

So whenever I discover a longkang fishing place, the rush of joy is immense. More so when the object of my desire was accidentally discovered on a visit to D'Kranji Farm Resort in Singapore's Kranji countryside.

The last time I brought my three children to do some longkang fishing in Singapore, it rained. When I visited this longkang fishing place in Singapore, it rained again.

Perhaps that helped to explain why the longkang fishing pond was deserted when we arrived at D'Kranji Farm Resort. It could also be that this longkang fishing place was too new to register on the mind of our populace.

When I saw the kampong house at D'Kranji with the longkang fishing signpost, I was half-expecting a natural muddy stream or pond behind this kampong house when I reached this longkang fishing spot.

However, it was not the same longkang fishing paradise that I had experienced in my childhood. Instead of a muddy stream flanked by wild plants that I used to hunt for small longkang fishes, a man-made hole in the ground, plastered with concrete greeted us.

This figure-of-eight hole in a concrete floor had new paint, smoothened walls and shallow floors. Two islands of concrete in the longkang design raised the degree of difficulty for kids bent on catching longkang fishes. A small plot of plants was used as decoration on one of this island.

Image: Longkang fishing charges.

The good thing about this longkang fishing place in Singapore's Kranji wilderness is the open rustic space surrounding the pond. Large tracts of land are used for small-scale plantations. The aromatic smell of a natural environment is a pleasant surprise that reminded me of my scouting days spent camping outdoors under a canvass tent.

In between longkang fishing sprees, you can grab some traditional snacks and light refreshments from other kampong houses. You could also stretch your tired backs and aching legs by taking a stroll around the vegetable plots, herb garden, paddy field and fruit plantations, to name a few, within D'Kranji.

Image: As the rain subsided, this longkang fishing place sprang to life.

If you haven't tried this new location, consider this longkang fishing place for your children's school holiday programme. If you have fond memories of your own longkang fishing days of old like me, re-live those sweet moments with this modern-day version of longkang fishing in Singapore.

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