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April 24, 2009

Mandai Tekong Park (Part 2)

Mandai Tekong Park (Part 2)

As I walked into the camp park, my heart fluttered. You would know why if you read my earlier post on Mandai Tekong Park.

Photograph: Are there National Servicemen crossing obstacles at Mandai Tekong Park in full battle order?

Are there National Servicement (Full time) (NSF) recruits running around the park screaming 'fall in' at the top of their voices? Are there NSF recruits doing Log PT (physical training with a heavy bar of wood) under the hot sun? Are there savvy NSmen taking cover behind the trees, eating ice-cream sold by even more savvy ice-cream sellers? Are there obstacles lying around this park in Woodlands?

During my visit, there were no signs of men in military uniform around the park (unlike what I added in the picture above).

What then does the Mandai Tekong Park possess that earns it this link to two well-known National Service training grounds that most able-bodied men will never forget?

Is there a fitness training facility on site? Yes, there are fitness stations to train every centimetre of your body here.

Photo: A section of kids training in a playground obstacle course at Mandai Tekong Park.

Is there a standard obstacle course with a Jacob's Ladder, high wall and balance beam? Yes, if you consider playground equipment that comes with ladders, slides, monkey bars and such playground stuff.

Is there a cookhouse nearby? Yes, the flats around the park do come with kitchens, chefs and yummy home cooked food. A barbecue pit is also available for the more adventurous 'recruit'.

Is there a parade square? For sure. The basketball court can double up as a parade ground as well as stage for performances.

Is there a forested area like the one at old Mandai Road? Yes, a small section at this park passes alongside some undulating ground with plenty of trees to give a wooded atmosphere.

Is there a jogging track for IPPT runs? Yes. This is standard issue for parks in Singapore and Mandai Tekong Park is no exception.

How about the bunks and sleeping quarters? No problem, comfortable beds can be found in the multi-storey HDB flats surrounding the park.

Is there a swimming pool for water survival training? Of course not. Otherwise someone would have named it Changi Naval Park.

I may poke fun at the name of this park. But the amenities at Mandai Tekong Park are in no way irrelevant to the residents of the area. From the happy faces that I saw during my visit to Mandai Tekong Park, I am gladdened that the park has found a place in the hearts of residents.

This civilian facility is named after the famous places that moulded you and I while in National Service. Isn't that a great way to acknowledge our shared heritage of National Service?

For all the guys who are presently training or who went through National Service (NS) training on our island of Pulau Tekong and the forest of Mandai, Mandai Tekong Park is for you.

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