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April 27, 2009

Singapore Kids Places

Singapore Kids Places

As a parent with kids, I like to bring my children to places in Singapore that they enjoy. One of these Singapore kids places I'll recommend is at Marine Cove, East Coast Park, Singapore.

Photo: One of the Singapore kids places' playthings.

These Singapore kids' places in East Coast Park are located between carpark C2 and carpark C3 along East Coast Park Service Road.

Marine Cove at East Coast Park is a commercial development that specialises in food and beverage businesses. There are many good eating places, restaurants and pubs, including the ubiquitous MacDonald's restaurant, to cater to various taste buds and budgets.

The core attraction for my family are the kids places to hang out, not the food and drinks, although we do enjoy dining at Marine Cove. Our favourite spot at Marine Cove is really beyond the bread and butter buildings.

Photo: Outdoor theme park is a suitable Singapore kids place.

It is the mini outdoor kids' theme park that attracts us at this Singapore kids place. After dark, the excitement becomes palpable at this kids' place when the flashy lights, spinning wheels and children's screams come alive.

We love the good old miniature 'Singapore Flyer' here at a corner of this Singapore kids' place. Before the days of high technology and record-breaking heights, Ferris wheels that I sat in my childhood were of sufficient thrill by themselves. My kids can now get their turn to enjoy the same thrill as I did in this place.

The kids' carousel is another delightful horse-riding experience for children. The kid's ride at this Singapore kdis place may be short but going around in circles can send kids into a vertiginous high.

If your kids love challenging rides at such Singapore kids places, let them try the 'Viking'. This boat-like contraption swings like a pendulum and will surely make their hearts fly as high as their hair.

For a more down-to-earth kid ride, there is a miniature roller coaster ride at this Singapore kids place for the faint-hearted. Don't worry for your kids' safety as this ride resembles a slow train ride that does not rise more than two feet above ground.

Other attractions at this Singapore kids' place include an arcade hall that has games suitable for young kids and the young at heart. There is also a pasar malam or night market that sells interesting items including tidbits, fashion accessories and toy racing cars for kids and kids-at-heart.

For more Singapore kids places, visit blogspot friend Milly's Singapore Kids Places, a blog I follow via Google reader.

See more Singapore kids' places. Live more life.

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