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April 10, 2009

Sengkang Riverside Park

Sengkang Riverside Park

I wrote about Sengkang Riverside Park last year. At that time, the park was still closed. Recently, I discovered that Sengkang Riverside Park was open to the public for recreational visits.

Sengkang Riverside Park is located at Anchorvale Street in Sengkang housing estate. If you remember from my previous post about Sengkang's newest park, the public park is divided into three areas, divided by Anchorvale Street and the river Sungei Punggol. These three areas are labelled Visitor Centre Plot, Mangrove Plot and Civic Centre Plot. I shall describe each part in turn.

Sengkang Riverside Park: Visitor Centre Plot

The Sengkang Riverside Park car park, available on the northern side of Anchorvale Street, is presently open for use without charge. There are also parking lots for buses. This would be useful for organisers to use Sengkang Riverside Park for large public or private entertainment functions.

First time visitors to Sengkang Riverside Park will be impressed with several physical features here.

The first feature to impress visitors is the brand-new Visitor Centre. This building at Sengkang Riverside Park has a huge open space under its distinctive curved roof that reminds me of the dorsal curve on a fish. There is shop space for a cafe or restaurant and sitting space for outdoor dining with a pleasant park view.

Another feature that visitors may like about Sengkang Riverside Park is the presence of a pond filled with small fishes. It lies at the bottom of a slope from the Visitor Centre. A prominent no-fishing sign hangs beside this pond.

Photo: Sengkang Riverside Park Scene.

The small hill with a terrace-like slope is another unusual characteristic of this park. I think young saplings of fruit trees have been planted at Sengkang Riverside Park although I could not identify most of them.

Photo: Another Sengkang Riverside Park scene.

On hot and sunny days, visitors will be pleased with the shade provided by an atypical bamboo shelter smack in the middle of Sengkang Riverside Park. Elsewhere, trees that one can find at Sengkang Riverside Park are too small to provide much shade. On the plus side, I think kite flying will likely be popular at Sengkang Riverside Park precisely because of the absence of tall branches to put kites at risk.

(to be continued)

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Muhd Imran said...

I keep passing by the park on my way to and from my parents' on SBS Service 168 along TPE.

The park looks promising. I could see the pond, but gone were the homes of many weaver birds on eucalyptus trees near the river's edge.

I wish they could have just left that part to be natural and like wetlands/bird sanctuary, but alas, the barren park takes over for jogging tracks instead. Really, an unfortunate encroachment.

Still, it is a place to visit and enjoy late afternoon walks and morning jogs.

Seen This Scene That said...

Yes, it's a pity the natural parts had to go.

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