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May 29, 2009

National Family Day Out

National Family Day Out 2009

Photograph: I'm planning to spend time to share sunset with family on Family Day Out. What about you?

Everyday should be a 'National Family Day Out' day.

Really. A day specially for every family to spend time together out of the home in the numerous wonderful places of Singapore.

That is if you can afford to coordinate and manage your work life, school life, social life and all other forms of your busy busy lives for protected time to be with family.

If like me, you are tied down by a million and one things to do everyday, then a 'National Family Day Out' to be held on 30 May 2009, as designated by the National Family Council, is the perfect excuse to bring your family out for a day of family bonding. This one day event is part of the larger National Family Celebrations that will run from 30 May 2009 to 28 June 2009 during the national school holidays.

To keep your family occupied with all that free time, organisers of the National Family Day Out have put together a string of family-friendly activities at the Singapore River near the Asian Civilisations Museum from 10am to 6pm this Saturday, 30 May 2009.

This National Family Day Out Carnival will include activities like:

Meet & Greet Ben 10, the young animated hero who wears the Omnitrix like a second skin.

Rock Ban Family Battle auditions - a novel uber-cool way for kids and their parents to strut their stuff like MTV stars.

LEGO Family Building Competition - a contest that uses LEGO bricks to cement family ties.

I Love Children Ambassadors performance

Make Breakfast Time Family Time - a talk that mixes food and family relationships into a potent recipe for family bonding.

Starfari Puppet Show - a cute song and dance routine by lovable puppets that reinforces family bonding without strings attached.

Busking activities - to raise funds for the Community Chest.

Plus many prizes to be won at the National Family Day Out Carnival 2009.

Even if you do not participate at the carnival, you can still celebrate National Family Day Out in your own preferred way, at your own time and at your own pace.

After all, there is no need to be rigid with the dates and structure of your own Family Day Out. As long as you realize that family time is worth the priority, you will naturally find the time and space to celebrate your own family day out.

For the latest programmes, activities, freebies and promotions for the family during National Family Day Out, visit www.nfc.sg.

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