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May 28, 2009

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009

It's that time of the year again for me to decide if I should participate in the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009.

The decision is not whether to run in SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009 or not. It's purely a personal choice on choosing the 6km fun run or to challenge myself in the 10km quarter marathon of Singapore Bay Run 2009.

All the races bring runners across the scenic Benjamin Sheares Bridge which is why it is also called the Sheares Bridge Run. The Singapore Bay Run also combines the Army Half Marathon where you will see lots of youngsters. The staggered start times are good ways to separate runners and allow everyone more space for a comfortable and enjoyable run.

I remember last year's race was peppered with lots of musical performers, cheerleaders and school bands. They were very effective in lifting spirits and bringing cheer to runners. Unlike last year, this year's SAFRA's 21 km Singapore Bay Run 2009 route does not take runners through the scenic Marina Barrage and anyway it is beyond me to attempt this distance this year.

The last day to qualify for the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009 early bird discount is on 31 May 2009. If I decide to go for the 10km route, I save $10. For the 6km fun run, there is no difference in savings. If I run in the 10km route, I would also be separated from my family members if they choose to join the fun run.

More than just the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009 savings as an early bird participant, the decision will also impact my training routine. If I were to step up from the 6km fun run that I participated in last year to the 10km Singapore Bay Run 2009 challenge this year, I would need to do more than the usual casual runs.

This decision on the 6 or 10 km SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009 run is for me (and my family) to make.

My readers who plan to take up the challenge at the Singapore Bay Run 2009 need to decide for themselves when they wish to sign up before the early bird window of opportunity closes. Members of the public can also join the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009.

Regardless of which race I choose to run, I shall post about the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009 after completing the race.

See you at the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009!

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009 Details:

Date: 16 August 2009, Sunday

Start Point: Esplanade Bridge

End Point: Padang

Early Bird Registration Fees:

SAFRA 21 km Army Half Marathon =
-$32 (member)
-$38 (public)

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 10km race =
-$22 (member)
-$26 (public)

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 6km Fun Run (non-competitive)=
-$8 (member)
-$12 (public)

Route, Registration, Prizes, Race Pack Collection:
SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2009 website

Latest: Link to Singapore Bay Run  Army Half Marathon RACE EXPO for kit collection here.

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