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June 17, 2009

Changi Beach BBQ: BYOP 2

Changi Beach BBQ: BYOP 2 (Bring Your Own BBQ Pit)

For youngsters who are looking to book a public BBQ pit at Changi Beach Park, this is a photograph to help you orientate yourself to the barbecue place.

Close-up Photo of Changi Beach Park's BYOP Number 2 BBQ site.

Photo of Changi Beach Park's BYOP Number 2 BBQ site and surroundings.
This is the Changi Beach Park's Bring Your Own Pit (BYOP) Number 2 actual site. It is located at the junction of Telok Paku Road and Nicoll Drive between carpark 1 and carpark 2.

On the NParks' BYOP BBQ booking site, you can find this BYOP bbq site at Area A of Changi Beach Park.

There are five BYOP BBQ sites strung along the beach, of which this is BYOP number 2. BYOP BBQ site number 2 has close proximity to amenities like toilets, shelter, tables and benches. However it does not come with a BBQ pit.

The BBQ BYOP booking fee (currently $16) is the same as those that come with a BBQ pit even though BYOP lacks a pit. Do remember to bring your own BBQ pit if you book this BYOP site. Otherwise you would have to make a return trip home to collect your BBQ pit back to this BYOP site.

Some other tips to note about booking this Changi Beach Park's BYOP Number 2.

* Each booking is from 12noon to 8am of the following day.
* Your booking is for the BBQ pit / BYOP space and not for any shelter.
* Once your booking is confirmed, there will be no refund, changing of date and/or BYOP/pit.
* Leaving behind rubbish is an act of littering.

Let me know if you have any positive or negative experience about using this BYOP site at Changi Beach Park.

Enjoy your Barbecue!

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Always something new I learn from this site. Thank you for the updates.

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hey.. can ask something? gow to book this byop 2 pit?? i nid help and guardian from u pls.

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