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June 19, 2009

Place To Watch Sunset, Singapore

Place To Watch Sunset, Singapore

I do not mind sharing this place to watch sunset in Singapore with all my readers. It is a beautiful place in the eastern part of Singapore to enjoy a free outdoor evening show of Mother nature.

Photograph taken at the place to watch sunset in Singapore:

There are wide sandy beaches, cool sea breeze, near-zero car pollutants, pockets of greenery and a cycling track next to a footpath in this wonderful place to watch sunset in Singapore. In the distance, one can view an orange ball kissing clouds, bumboats, waves and a linear landed horizon.

Such a sunset scene could inspire poets to pen new lines. This sunset view might also enable 'pak tor' (dating) couples to peel away from each others' eyes. A breath-taking sunset show should soothe away worry from stressed-out minds. Yes, this place to watch sunset is free therapy to keep you happy.

Where in Singapore did I take this photograph? Where is this place that I visited to watch this sunset?

I shall reveal the answer on the place to watch sunset in Singapore after two weeks, in the comments.

Meanwhile, enjoy the photo at this mystery place to watch a sunset in Singapore.

Do you have a favourite place to watch a sunset? Where is your favourite place to watch sunset in Singapore? Share with Seen This Scene That in the comments below.

See more places. Live more life.

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Jinghui said...

Nice sunset photos ! Haven't been taking them for a while !

I guess this location that you took the photo is the end of the Changi Beach Park, facing Pulau Ubin and entrance to the Changi Jetty.

I am a fan of sunset photos, my flickr has some nice collections ! Other places could also be along the Changi Boardwalk, Labrador Park or West Coast Park.

Happy shooting !


Nyesaa Sohor said...

Beautiful sunset photo!

I guess so much its at Changi Beach too.

I love visiting ur website aniwaes, giving me ideas to visit the places in Singapore if i run out of places. Hehhs. =))

Keep up the good work!

Nyesaa Sohor

Admin said...

Hi Nyesaa Sohor,

Thanks for visiting and your lovely comments.

I like the sunset pic taken at the beachside bbq on your blog.

Keep writing!

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