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June 22, 2009

Fu Shan Garden

Fu Shan Garden Singapore

Picture of Fu Shan Garden:
Fu Shan Garden is a cozy little neighbourhood in Singapore that you could bring your friends from overseas to visit. This is especially so if friends insist on seeing a slice of Singapore and Singaporean life.

Of all places in Singapore, why do I recommend Fu Shan Garden? It's partly to make my post more interesting. And partly because it stirred something inside me. I had this warm fuzzy feeling coursing through my veins when I arrived at Fu Shan Garden. It reminded me of my life as a young kid at another housing estate.

This community park looked like the place where I used to hang out with childhood friends to play games under the shade of tall trees that I used to climb. A hill near the playground looked similar to the one that I used to slide down the slope using paper boxes as a tobogganing vehicle.

One part of Fu Shan Garden's children playground was the familiar high-tech, better designed, and more colourful kids playground toys. Like me, you may also find it boring because it's everywhere. However, next to it was another part of the children playground that gave me some moments of palpitation.

Picture of Fu Shan Garden: Modern playground facilities (left) and concrete-type playground facilities (right).
Those plain, dull-looking concrete playground structures were the type my generation used to enjoy playing as kids. These concrete type of playground structures had unattractive colours, dished out bruises and hard knocks yet provided endless fun when I was a kid.

Other areas of Fu Shan Garden are also worth showing your friends. Amenities like barbecue pits, tables and chairs can be found here. These are located at the top of a small knoll that provide convenience for residents to bond.

Picture of Fu Shan Garden: Barbecue pits, tables and benches.

I must add that there is something here that makes Fu Shan Garden uniquely like no other park in Singapore. If you walk around the park, you will notice extensive landscaping on a slope facing an open community space. It is guarded by a mysterious sculpture that looks like a mythical creature that I have not seen elsewhere.

Before you end your tour of Fu Shan Garden, ask your friend from abroad what he or she thinks it is. Do you know what it is?

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Victor said...

I have not heard of Fu Shan Garden until I read your blog and googled it. Then I realised that my sister stays near it.

Seen This Scene That said...

Good to know that at least one reader saw this post and was interested enough to find out where it was. I left out the address of Fu Shan Garden: it stretches from Woodlands Street 81 to Woodlands St 83. Thanks Victor.

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