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June 24, 2009

Fun Places In Singapore

Photo: Does this look like a fun place in Singapore to you?

Fun Places In Singapore

Singapore offers many fun places for citizens, permanent residents and foreigners to visit. On Seen This Scene That, I have written up on many of these fun places that I've seen during my travel around Singapore. New readers are encouraged to browse through my site for an idea of the fun places that I've shared so far.

Where are the fun places in Singapore to visit that really stir my heart? My list of fun places in Singapore depends on seasonal interest, prevailing mood, family members' preferences and the amount of available time to travel around the island.

Here is my list of fun places in Singapore:

Fun Places With Animals
My kids, as well as many other children, like to interact with animals. Whether parakeets, ponies, horses, guppies, prawn, terrapins, goats, cow and other animals, they love them. If possible, they want to bring them home into their bedrooms for keeps. Me? No difference from my kids except for the animal take-away idea: too much maintenance work to perform after the initial euphoria over the pets is long gone.

Fun Places With Open Spaces
Living in a concrete jungle trains one to adapt to confined spaces. But once in a while, I find a need to venture into wide spaces without low ceilings and recycled air-conditioning. Thus parks, park connectors, beaches, gardens and outdoor green places rank high on my list of fun places in Singapore. Most of these places also come with amenities like jogging tracks, cycling paths, roller-blading, in-line skating, BBQ pits and camping grounds.

Fun Places With Playgrounds
These fun places will have plenty of children friendly activities and amenities. The neighbourhood outdoor kids playground and fitness corner are the most convenient fun places in Singapore. Indoor playgrounds are also sprouting in many shopping centres and buildings nowadays. HDB residents, condominium dwellers and private estate residents should have little difficulty reaching out to such fun places with playgrounds for happy and fun family outings.

Fun Places With A Family-Friendly Focus
When looking for fun places in Singapore to visit, I often consider if these places come with activities and programmes that interest all family members, from the young to the elderly. Events in museums, monuments, stage shows, exhibitions or shopping centres that appeal to the family would attract my interest. These places need to be fun not just for me, but attractive for the entire family.

Fun Places With Me
What about the fun places in Singapore that appeal just to me? I would say those places would be all of the above plus the many other cool places in Singapore that I’ve yet to explore. When I see it, I will know if there’s a fun angle for appreciation. My passion for places of interest in Singapore, whether offbeat or mainstream, will lead me to uncover those fun places eventually.

While some of you who share the same interests with me would agree on my selection of fun places in Singapore, many others would prefer hip and happening places in Singapore to be fun, or sporty and rugged places to be fun, or old and nostalgic places to be fun.

My avid readers, regardless of your inclinations, I shall explore more fun places in Singapore on my travels to share with you on Seen This Scene That.

But before that, here are two questions. What are your favourite fun places in Singapore to hang out and why?

See more places. Live more life.

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I enjoy hikes at Bukit Timah Hill and McRitchie Reservoir because it's closer to nature, away from the bustle and hustle of civilisation.

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