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June 08, 2009

Sea Shell Park In Singapore

Sea Shell Park In Singapore

Ever wonder why this park in Singapore presents itself with an eye-catching name like Sea Shell Park? Take a look at the visual features available at Sea Shell Park in the eastern part of Singapore.

Photo 1: Sea Shell Park In Singapore.

Photo 2: Sea Shell Park In Singapore.

Photo 3: Sea Shell Park In Singapore.

Sea Shell Park is found in Pasir Ris, Singapore. If you are taking a bus or taxi there, look out for Sea Shell Park at Pasir Ris Drive 4, next to the SPC petrol pump station.

Sea Shell Park has several pavilions with oriental roof designs and benches that I find distinctive. There are also pockets of spaces with unique sea-shell designs that act like perimeter walls.

There is a children playground at Sea Shell Park. The playground structures are hidden within shells featuring a ship and other naval vessel designs.

This pleasant park is surrounded by neighbourhood shops, HDB flats and a condominium. Residents get opportunities to exercise at the small fitness station. A disused fountain can be seen at the foot of a series of terraced pools. However, at the time of my visit, no water was seen spouting from the fish-head-shaped water spouts. An amphitheater also sits on the slopes of Sea Shell Park.

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