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June 05, 2009

Dirty Beach In Pasir Ris Park Update

Photograph: Latest shot of 'dirty beach' sign.

Photograph: Previous shot of 'dirty beach' sign

Dirty Beach In Pasir Ris Park Update

I wrote about the dirty beaches of Pasir Ris Park some time ago. At that time authorities found some bacteria contamination of sea water at Pasir Ris beach.

On World Environment Day, 5 June 2009, I decided to take a look at the sea waters of Pasir Ris Beach. The water hygiene situation is still not better, and there has been no news about the decontamination process and update.

However the visible sign of this dirty beach is still present. I took the shot on the eve of World Environment Day. The photograph of the dirty beach sign in Pasir Ris Park is posted today.

My initial questions still remain unanswered. What caused Pasir Ris beach to be one of the dirty beaches in Singapore? Have Changi beach and other beautiful beaches around the coastal rim of Singapore been tainted? How long more would this "dirty beach" tag stay at Pasir Ris beach?

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Muhd Imran said...

My question exactly!!!

I am not aware whether the proper authorities have explained the cause of the contamination, or probably sources that led to the water quality turning for the worse... and why it remained so for so long.

It is very strange that this situation is kept low profiled. I am also not aware of any update on the progress of the investigations done so far either... which I am sure was triggered.

Michele said...

That's a shame that a lake such as this would be unsuitable for swimming and such. I guess it doesn't hold any other plant life or fish life?

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