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July 19, 2009

10 Things To Do With Your Neighbours

Poster courtesy of Singapore HeritageFest 2009.

10 Things To Do With Your Neighbours

In our highly urbanized society, neighbours do not mingle as often as they did in the past. When we reach our homes, most will retire behind closed doors to unwind as a matter of routine. During this Singapore Heritage Festival 2009 that runs from 15 July 2009 to 26 July 2009, why not take the opportunity to reach out to your neighbours.

What are the 10 things to do with your neighbours? These suggestions on '10 Things to do with your Neighbours' are suggestions of the Singapore HeritageFest 2009 committee. To find out more, check out Singapore HeritageFest 2009 at their site.

10 Things To Do With Your Neighbour:

1. Invite your neighbour over for a DVD rental movie night complete with ice-cream, popcorn and soft drinks!

2. Greet your neighbour with a smile in the morning when you meet them in the lift on your way out to work. Don't forget to hold the lift door open for them, introduce yourself and tell them to have a pleasant day!

3. Welcome a new neighbour to the neighbourhood with some of your home-cooked goodies. You might discover both of you love cooking! You could even exchange your traditional recipes with each other or teach each other to cook the dish!

4. The next time you travel, buy some souvenirs or snacks for your neighbour.

5. Offer to water your neighbour's plants when they are away on a holiday, but be careful not to over-water them! Offer to also pick up their newspapers if they are out of town.

6. Give your neighbour a lift in your car when both of you are heading out and save the environment at the same time!

7. Ask your neighbour to tell you more about their culture, religious practices and rituals, and in return share your own stories and experiences with them over afternoon tea! You will realise that both of you have more things in common than you would have ever thought.

8. Organise play-dates for your children with your neighbour's kids. But before you go that far, remember to teach your children how to address the elders correctly and to be considerate of others' needs.

9. Invite your neighbour to your home during a festive occasion to celebrate.

10. Finally, keep your doors open at least on the weekends, and get to know your neighbours better. Organise picnics together or simply make use of the common spaces within your estate to play and eat together.

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Muhd Imran said...

Good practices indeed.

We have 7 out of 10 things already a common thing since we moved in 14 years ago.

Neighbours come and go... out of the 8 families on our level, only 4 of us are left while the other 4 are new and most probably rentals as they come and go so often.

The only pet peeve I have is #10. My most favourite because it reminds me of the Kampong Days where doors are open everyday and most of the day. Closed only at night.

We have since stopped having our door opened because of pesky and very persistent salespeople. They tend to spoil our weekend when they kept insisting and sometimes become irritating until we had to be rude enough to close our door on them.

Our neighbours have done the same. The new ones have always kept to themselves and have kept their doors closed all the time.

Only our next door auntie and uncle... we take care of each others' homes and plants when we go for 1 to 2 weeks vacations.

Beyond that, we are trapped in our own home within the 4 walls. I miss admiring and enjoy looking at my corridor garden.

There must be a way to rid these door-to-door sales persons!

Do you have your front door open at least on weekends? Any tips to rid pesky sales at your doorstep?

STST said...

Hi Muhd Imran,

You have done very well in terms of neighbourliness!

I can only lay claim to have done perhaps 5 of the 10 items.

But these are only suggestions. The take-home messages are: first - the spirit of wanting to get to know your neighbours. Second - do something about it.

Hope more residents participate and get to know the neighbours, like your fine example.

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