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July 17, 2009

Heritage Tree

Heritage Tree: Tamarind Tree (Asam Tree) At Surin Avenue Neighbourhood Park

On my recent walk around a park in Singapore, I came across this Heritage Tree at Surin Avenue Neighbourhood Park. The Tamarind Tree (Tamarindus indica), also known as Asam Tree, was found about midway between Aroozoo Avenue and Surin Avenue next to a children's playground.

I wonder how many families with kids would take the time to smell the plants and enjoy the tree shades at Surin Avenue Neighbourhood park, instead of zooming into the skating corner or children's playground.

I think fewer families with kids would pause to read the sign featuring the Heritage Tree. Perhaps only a handful of families with kids would go on to snap a photograph of this Heritage Tree. Maybe one or two would post a picture of a Heritage Tree online for a discussion.

Guess who belongs to that one or two families with kids who is intrigued by a Heritage Tree in a hidden corner of Singapore? :-)

Heritage Tree Photo 1:
When visitors arrive at this spot at the park, none will miss this prominent tree that seemed to tower high above the others.

Can you spot that not-so-prominent sign planted next to this tall Heritage Tree at Surin Avenue Neighbourhood Park that my drew attention to this special Heritage Tree?

What was so unique about the Tamarind Tree that warranted a 'heritage tree' listing? My curiosity pushed me closer to examine the sign (and Heritage Tree) for a visual inspection.

Heritage Tree Photo 2:
Inscription by National Parks Board on Tamarind Tree as a Heritage Tree:

"The Tamarind tree is a medium-sized fruit tree with a round-shaped crown. It is a slow-growing tree, with brown fruit pods containing several hard and flat seeds enveloped by a juicy pulp. The Tamarind tree is widely cultivated for its sweet-sourish fruit pulp known as "asam" in Southeast Asian and Indian cuisine, and for making Worcestershire sauce.

Mostly Chinese and Eurasian villagers occupied this part of Upper Serangoon in the early 1900s and many of them kept fruit tree plantations. This Heritage Tree could be one of the fruit trees sown by villagers in their garden or plantation land."

Heritage Tree Photo 3: Tamarind Tree fruit pods and leaves.

I am not an expert on trees. I do not profess to be a big fan of any Heritage Tree. I am just curious. Do you have more information on it as well as personal history of contact with this Heritage Tree?

Details of Asam Tree | Heritage Tree at NParks website:

Scientific Name: Tamarindus indica
Address: Surin Ave Park
Girth Size: 3.5
Height: 22
Serial Number: PK027
Visit: NParks Heritage Tree site.

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Muhd Imran said...

There is beauty in nature. We only need to stop and look at it to appreciate it more. You're one of those people blessed to get to appreciate its full glory.

Anonymous said...

i live nearby that park and it's really amazing to know that there is a heritage tree so near me. my mum used to collect the fruit and tell us all about it.

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