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July 03, 2009

Bedok Ria Cresent Playground

Bedok Ria Cresent Playground

Bedok Ria Cresent Playground is located at Bedok Ria Crescent, off Bedok Road. It contains a small quiet playground with facilities for toddlers, kids and young children to entertain themselves.

Under watchful eyes of carers, residents who are young and young at heart can be found at the
Bedok Ria Cresent Playground. There are a few benches and a small walking path around the playground.

Picutre: Bedok Ria Cresent Playground

One unique feature of Bedok Ria Cresent Playground is its proximity to the Bedok Park Connector that runs alongside Sungei Bedok. If you bring a bike to this playground, you can cycle along the Bedok Park Connector and end up at Bedok Reservoir to the northwest or East Coast Park to the southeast.

Do you have any playgrounds that you like to recommend or share?

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