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July 06, 2009

Singapore Quarry

Singapore Quarry

Singapore Quarry is a scenic place in Singapore that is located off Dairy Farm Road near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. I started my approximately one kilometre trek to Singapore Quarry from 30, Dairy Farm Road, near the gate of Ministry of Education's Dairy Farm Adventure Centre.

Singapore Quarry Photograph 1: Guess where I parked at Dairy Farm Road.

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I was interested to take a look at the Singapore Quarry after reading yg's article on the Dairy Farm Nature Park.

On my recent visit, I was to discover that the Dairy Farm Nature Park or Singapore Quarry was not open to the public, and was not listed on National Park Board's website. On a road map, it appeared to be known as the Singapore Quarry according to my street directory.

Singapore Quarry Photograph 2:

I could not get nearer than a tall wire-fence surrounding the Singapore Quarry. Through gaps in the fencing, I could see the majestic red quarry topped with greenery rising out of a body of water into the blue expanse of sky. Bathed in warm colours of the afternoon sun, the breathtaking sight was well worth a long sweaty trek for my children.

Purpose-built facilities at the Singapore Quarry, with shiny varnish glistening in the late afternoon sun, were also spotted at the Singapore Quarry. I could hear the songs of unseen insects and hidden birds. I imagine that the water at the Singapore Quarry may also cradle aquatic creatures.

Singapore Quarry Photograph 3:

This spot of nature at the Singapore Quarry should prove popular when it opens to the public.

Do you know of any interesting quarry to share with Seen This Scene That?

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Jinghui said...

I visited the quarry b4 if I recall, walking from the summit of Bukit Timah Hill to the Dairy Farm, when I was a boy scout. We were supposed to hike down via one of the designated track/route, however, at the base, by turning left or right, we would reach the quarry or the main road.

Those days, it was used as a filming ground for martial arts dramas ! Would love to go back & explore again when it reopens.


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