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August 14, 2009

Sunset Places In Singapore 2

Sunset Places In Singapore 2

In my previous post on Sunset Places in Singapore, I asked readers to share suggestions on the great places to see sunsets in Singapore.

Today, I shall feature one of my Seen This Scene That readers who has recommended not one , not two but four places to see such sunsets. In addition, he has also taken photographs of those scenic sunsets and is keen to share the photographs with you.

Take a look at those wonderful pictures taken at sunset places in Singapore. There are many sunsets at locations other than the four that were mentioned below. Visit his flickr site and search for 'sunset'.

For sunset photography locations, I been to

(1) Raffles Marina - Tuas End
(2) West Coast Park - very near my home
(3) Labrador Park - go all the way out towards the jetty end
(4) Mt Faber Park - highest point of Mt Faber

My Flickr photos would have sunset photos of (2) & (4) .... It's time to take more sunset photos in Singapore !!

Thanks Geng Hui! Keep up your photography and for sharing your photographs!

See more places. Live more life.

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Cashmere said...

I've never tried all 4 places for sunset shooting. And I've never even heard of Raffles Marina. I've been to Changi Boardwalk and it was gorgeous.. Thanks you both for sharing. Will try these few places. :)

Geotacs said...

nice play on the phrase seen this seen that!

thanks for sharing where to see nice sunsets around Singapore!


Jinghui said...

Thank you very much for giving my sunset locations suggestions a blog post ! Very honoured !!! Would take photos of other locations when the opportunities arises !

Another suggestion to add on above is Marina Barrage (have the sunset photos on my flickr).

Hope to see more sunset photographs !!


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