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August 17, 2009

Singapore Bay 10-KM Run

Singapore Bay 10-KM Run

I completed my first 10-kilometre leisure run in the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run Army Half Marathon event on 16 August 2009, after having done the 6-kilometre fun run last year. This Singapore Bay 10-km run turned out to be much better than I had anticipated for my first competitive run.

Photograph 1 of 10-km Singapore Bay Run:

Before I started my SAFRA Singapore Bay 10-km Run, I was a little apprehensive. This 10-km run was supposed to be a competitive category with a chip on my right shoe constantly reminding me that my timing would be monitored closely.

Photograph 2 of 10-km Singapore Bay Run:

However once the starter's horn was blown a few minutes before the 7am Singapore Bay 10-km Run start time, I began to relax and to soak in the carnival-like atmosphere of the running crowd. The cool weather that followed a downpour the day before, kept temperatures low. The competitive field was noticeably thinner than at the start of my previous 6-km fun run which kept bottlenecks along the route to a minimum, except for the U-turn which was shared with the 21-km Army Half Marathon runners. 

Photograph 3 of Singapore Bay Run:

Along the way, there was plenty of entertainment provided around the Marina Bay to cheer us on our Singapore Bay 10-km run. There were performances by various groups such as the Bhangra musicians with their dhol drums inspiring us to beat a path forward, the SAF band in red attire performing their musical pieces, and a jazz and drum band providing rhythmic beats to motivate runners.

Of note were two of the biggest head turning acts at the Singapore Bay 10-km Run and Army Half Marathon. Runners cheered the loudest for the acts performed by the cheer-leading mixed team and a dance routine by a party of belly dancers.

Photograph 4 of Singapore Bay 10-km Run:

I appreciated the ample opportunity for oral rehydration in the form of multiple drink stations along the entire Singapore Bay 10-km Run. Besides plain water, picky runners could choose to imbibe isotonic drinks and even chilled ice-water. My only grouse here would be that the drink stall attendants topping up the paper cups with fluid could not keep pace with the high demand. But there is no worry about the lack of water to drink. The real danger posed by it would be the need to find a washroom along the Singapore Bay 10-km Run to relief loaded urinary bladders.

Photograph 5 of Singapore Bay 10-km Run:

The end point at the padang in front of City Hall is a fantastically inspiring venue to end the 10-km Singapore Bay Run as well as the Army Half Marathon. As you approach the digital clock at the finishing line, and see the spectators cheering the runners on, it gives lungs to runners to enjoy a memorable finish.
I am happy that my Singapore Bay 10-km Run turned out pleasantly enjoyable, leisurely competitive, surprisingly injury-free and amazingly well hydrated. I am looking forward to the next edition of the Singapore Bay 10-km Run.

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Jinghui said...

Congrats on the completion of yr 10km !! Well Done !! Glad that you enjoyed the experience !!

I had a fun run, although it was hot, slow finishing time for me though.

21km next year ?


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