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October 17, 2009

Photograph of Rangoli / Kolam

Photograph of Rangoli / Kolam

Above: Photograph of Rangoli / Kolam

This photograph of a Rangoli / Kolam was taken at Changi Airport Terminal 2, Singapore. According to the inscriptions, the rangoli / kolam is a Hindu folk art which is drawn on the floor. It is prepared with a combination of diverse colours, using coloured powders, rice grains, sand, flower petals and / or pastes.

Rangoli / kolam designs include symbols of dancing figures, birds, flowers, leaves, human figures and geometrical figures. Lighted oil lamps or modern lights can also be places on the floor art to enhance the beauty of these Rangoli / kolam. Today, modern Hindu families paste stickers with intricate Rangoli / Kolem motifs on the entrances of their homes instead.

Happy Diwali to readers of Seen This Scene That.

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